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Looking after the healthcare of your pet is the whole basis of everything we do.  Our staff are all pet lovers- our vets, our nurses, our office staff.  Veterinary medicine is always evolving.  We invest in keeping up so that whatever you choose, you can have access to the best that today's technology will allow.  We are happy to provide a second opinion on you pets care.

Services you may not be aware that we offer include...

State of the art Diagnostics
Ultrasound is a gentle, non-invasive way to look inside your pet.  The veterinary centres have upgraded our ultrasound  machine to a Honda S 2000.  This machine is an excellent tool for imaging of soft tissues.  It is suited to diagnosing disease in the heart, liver, bladder, and pregnancy or cancer diagnosis.  We also have veterinarians with extended training in ultra sound diagnostics.

Digital radiology
The latest technology for diagnosis and treatment of animals
Instead of the old x-ray film being developed like an old fashioned photograph, x-ray pictures are viewed on a computer screen and can be saved onto a CD.  There are many benefits for animals using this new technology.  X-ray images are generated quickly and it is possible to adjust contrast and brightness and magnification.  This means less retakes, and hence less stress for the pets.  Digital radiography is also environmentally friendly.  There are no hazardous chemicals and films, which would eventually end up as industrial waste.  Digital radiography is available at both Sale and Maffra Veterinary Clinics.

Accurate diagnosis of heart arrthymias
The ECG (electrocardiogram) is a tracing that shows the hearts electrical action.  It is generated by attaching small legs to the body and amplifying the minutely small electrical impulses normally generated by the heart.  This results in a tracing on paper.

Cure and quality of life
Nearly half of all small animal veterinary patients will die either because of, or with a cancer of some sort.  If detected early however, we can cure many cancers, or maintain a good quality of life.  We're happy to discuss your options and give you the pros and cons of each, as well as costs so that you can make an informed decision.  We offer cancer diagnostics, surgery and chemotherapy.  We also liase with a Melbourne specialist enabling radiation therapy.  We have veterinarians who have completed postgraduate education in medical cancer treatment and attended overseas conferences.

General day surgery, Complex soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery
We have full surgical facilities and can cater for more complex procedures due to the extended experience of our senior veterinarians.  General anaesthesia is monitored throughout procedures and pain is controlled with appropriate medication during and after surgery.  We can undertake procedures as diverse as a nutering on a male cat through to a complex correction of a high grade dislocated knee cap, or spleen removal.

We recommend neutering of both male and female dogs for health benefits.  A dog speyed before her first season has a 1 in 2000 chance to get mammary cancer but after a few seasons, she has a 1 in 4 chance of developing mammary cancer.

Thorough dental checks and treatment
We see dental problems daily in our veterinary centres.  If untreated, bacteria from your pets mouth can enter the blood stream, travel to organs such as the lungs, heart, liver, brain and kidneys, seriously comprising the health of your pet.  Damage to these organs by infection can shorten the of dogs and cats. Depending on the condition of your pet's teeth, we may professionalyy clean and polish their teeth with an ultrasonic scaler.  We also provide dental care products.

In house labarotory
Rapid and reliable
We have onsite facilities to conduct blood testing and cytology.  This means better care for your pet as we can conduct tests indicating snake bite almost instantly, and pre-anaesthetic blood testing prior to surgery.  We can also do preliminary testing on tumours.

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